CV Brigitte Kaltenbacher

Location: London W2 , Paddington;
Nationality: German, EU

CV update 2010 :: CV in Word format
ME-ME-ME (powerpoint)

Work Experience until 2000

Conceptual design/strategy development

  • Act as "visioneer" with a long term view of the market
  • Business / functional requirements collection & analysis
  • Usability evaluations
  • Use Case analysis, Interaction Diagrams & Design
  • Information Architecture design
  • Develop e-strategies
  • Participate and facilitate e-commerce work shops
  • Communicate clients brand message
  • Developing concepts and designs for sites and projects
  • Supervising design and production processes

10.00 - 03.01

Job title:

Rubus LTD
made redundant as company was downsized by 30%

Creative Consultant

Client: Nomura
Japanese investment bank
Uability evaluation on existing prototype

Client: QVC
interactive TV
Consulting in shape phase
discussion of possibilities for enhanced TV

leading UK Telco
B2B admin application

Internal: Wireless preposition:
  - Business models for cell broad casting
- M-asp development: shopping agent
Knowledge management on sage desk
CMS: flash layered on backend system


06.00 . 09.00

Job title: 






Satama, London, UK

Senior Concept designer

Client: Zed , Sonera's global mobile portal
- Re-branding and brand execution of zed as global portal 
  in cooperation with Leo Burnett and hard reality
- Developing an extranet for zed and their partner / clients with 
  London partners.

Client: Vanguard
Wireless event in Holland

Satama, Helsinki, Finland

Client: Nokia

Business devision NOLS: (Nokia Online Services)

Development of e-commerce pilot, b-to-b
, online order for Network backend solutions, support, software download.
Challenge: Nokia's first Extranet E-commerce experience.

Phase II: Addition of email notificiation for partners, communication platform for partners (i.e.IBM) internal approval process, order tracking, extended product catalogue, prepare intranet input templates for WAP access.

NOLS WAP service: Follow up project:

User and Usability study to analyse suitability of existing NOLS services for Wap access. Concept design and application flow chart for Wap development. Challenge: Establish usability study as part of the process, develop meaningful service from existing Nols site.


Business devision NMP: (Nokia Mobile Phones)
Development of 3G world,
longterm campaign site about 3rd Generation solutions and visions.
Challenge: Build up a vision without creating realistic expectations

X-press-on covers,
short term promotional site, idea: vote for the best xpress-on cover, runs parallel with retailers campaign. Challenge: establish a very playful approach within a big coorporate with strict guidelines.

Business devision NWSS: (Nokia Wireless services)
Consulting for E-commerce for global software distribition
challenges: multiple channel integration, call center integration, multiple devision cooperation within Nokias business devisions, joint development between Satama Finland and Satama US.

Client: Sonera zed (finish telco):
Extranet development:
Benchmarking amongst current Wap portals and Wap ISP's, developing added value services for partners and content providers.
Challenge:  taking a very advanced skandinavian service to a global level.

Satama Internal Projects:
WAP entertainment services
for internal event for partners, press and inverstors.

Helsinki innovation centre:
WAP Party:
Satama internal party based on WAP service
acting as trial to be offered to execetutive inside (see above) and local clubs.

Project Management
      Task description: Liasing between Creative, HTML and Database Department, creation of project schedules in MS Project, monitoring the progress of work and time keeping, trafficing, general organisation and administration, client advice in initial meetings, status reports during production.
      4/99-10/99 BamberForsyth, London

Diageo, branding video clip;
Global Information Exchange, BT; cd-r production

Internet Clients
BF Website, BF Intranet, Fortnum & Masons e commerce website, Gatwick Express

      4/97 - 10/97 Poppe Tyson Interactive, London

BBJ, into tomorrow (in cooperation with Tomato);
Elisabeth Arden, Sales Presentation

Internet Clients
Teachers Training Agency, Indonesia Today, COI - National Blood, IRFB, Champion

Multimedia Design/Production
            I worked for various companies in the multimedia field as a freelancer or contractor collecting thourough hands-on experience in development and interactive design, screen design, image editing, pre and post production, graphics conversion, video digitising and editing and sound editing & appropriate software applications
      09/98 - 3/99 Arawak, Microsoft product page; Hoskins Associates, Shell Finance presentation; Design Bridge, infomation kiosk for Nestle; Holmes & Marchant, Phuse site;Seven interactive, CD-R Mitsubishi Millennium Project; Multijac, CD-R Ford Focus.
      2/97 - 4/97 SEL Presentation
CD Presentation for Dealer Conference for Ericsson Mobil Phones
      10/96- 1/97 On Tap
CD Title: Pips in Book Land, Jobtitle: Interactive and Screen Designer.
      2/96 - 9/96 First Information Group
CD: My Generation, Interactive Documentary; Job title: Multimedia Editor and Postproduction Supervisor.
      8/95 - 1/96 On Tap
German Natural Gas, Swarovski, Jobtitle: Interactive and Screen Designer.
      4/95 - 7/95 First Information Group
Client: Flagtower, Title: Great Generals, Race for Space, World war I, History of medicine, Job title: Graphics and Video Post production technician.
      1/95 - 4/95 Fox Presentations
Client: Ciba Geigy, Title: This is Ciba, Job title: Multimedia Designer.
      Before 1995 Corps Business, London, Media Connect, Augsburg; Bayerischer Rundfunk (Bavarian Radio & TV, Public TV Channel), Munich; ULI Entertainment PTY LTD Creative Presentations, Melbourne, Australia,
Graphic Design/Print

      10/88 - 2/92 During my first degree course I used to work in the following Advertising Agencies as Freelancer:
      Germany W&P,Straubing; Ihre Agentur, Regensburg; NLG, Trauchgau; Mayr (&) Roider, Regensburg; AES, Augsburg; Heuser, Augsburg; Schuetzack (&) Partner, Augsburg
      Austria GGK, Salzburg
      10/87 - 9/88 Ihre Agentur, Advertising and marketing, Regensburg.
This job included, beside the usual traditional graphic design work (i.e. developing a concept; layout, presentation and camera work, photography and computer aided design, creation of art work and marker mock ups), the responsibility for two clients (Toys and Fashion) as well as training two apprentices.

Computer Skills

Lingo, Html/Css, DHTML, XML/XSL, Javascript & Php/access.

Hardware       Apple Macintosh :   Basic trouble shooting, machine setup and networking, internet connection and setup
Software       Apple Macintosh :  Photoshop 5.5; Image ready, 2.0; Director 7.0; BBEdit, Flash, Fireworks, Gif-Converter, Quark X Press 3.3; Freehand 4; Illustrator 7.0; Premiere 4.1, Avid Video 3.0; SoundEdit 16, DeBabelizer, 2.6; After Effects 4.0, Infini-D, etc.
MS Windows :   MS Project 4.0, Ms Office, Act, Homesite, Director.
Unix:   Aurora 250 GT (similar system to Paintbox),
Effect Generator Abekas A 53/ A 64 (similar system to Harry)

      10/97 - 9/98 MA Image and Communication, Goldsmiths University, London
During the course I explored other applications of interactivity, computer related imaging and computer controlled environments then the CD-R's or the internet such as installations and presentations using 3d space. My final degree project was an interactive installation.
      4/93 - 3/94 Post graduate course in Media Pedagogy, University Augsburg
The pedagogy course, which is only available in Germany, is about learning the skills necessary to teach."Media pedagogy" is a specialised one in how to use multi media techniques for instruction and also to teach people how to use it.
      10/92 - 2/93 Production and Show of Final Degree Project in Augsburg, Topic:
Playing with the basics of creation: Developing and production of a Kaleidoscope Game, presentation with multi media show: Video/Sound/Slide Shows.
      3/92 - 7/92 Exchange student at "University of Applied Arts", Vienna
Lecturers: Walter Luerzer, (Luerzer and Loewe) Graphic design and Mark Bohan (Dior), Fashion Design
      10/88 - 2/92 Degree course in Communication design, College of Augsburg, Germany
      10/85 - 9/87 Graphics apprenticeship at "W&P", Advertising Agency, Straubing.
      9/74 - 7/84 Anton-Bruckner Gymnasium, Straubing (Grammar school)
Completed four A-levels in German Language and Literature, Bio/Chemistry, History and Fine Art

Other Interests
            Cinema, Fashion, Literature, Philosophy, Alternative Ways of Living, Environmental Issues

last update: march 2000